An afternoon in Dar Sabra, Marrakech

Simply put, Dar Sabra is a visual experience in Marrakech. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what living like a Moroccan royal and experience life in the luxe lane, this is where you can make it happen. 

10 minutes away from the tulmut of the Medina, this 4-star hotel overflows with decadence and is the perfect oasis to recharge. It has it all – glorious architecture, a spa and rooms worthy of a king, beautiful swimming pool, exceptional customer service; and it will not cost you so much. The rooms are between 130 € to 200€.


The gardens of the hotel, spread over 2 hectares, offer a showcase for over 60 works of art created by world-famous artists carefully selected by the hotel owner.


Monsieur Chapoutot – the hotel owner – is passionate about contemporary art. In partnership with famous art critic Gérard Xuriguera, this passion has given rise to a hotel in its own class at Marrakech, ranking among the most beautiful houses in the world.

The hotel in itself is a gallery of frescos that pay tribute to the best modern and contemporary artists in the world. Immense sculptures sit enthroned there, among them those of A SUN WY, Guy de Rougemont and Léopold Maler, and large frescos of ERRO are hidden in the garden, giving it colour and imagination.
Down the length of the park, the Arch of Mauro Staccioli spans the large pool of the hotel, completing the decor.

The exhibited artists:
A SUN WU (China), Mahi BINE BINE (Morocco), Marc BRUSSE (Netherlands), Carols CRUZ DIEZ (Venezuela), Richard DI ROSA (France), ERRO (Iceland), Albert FERRAUD (France), Leopoldo MALER (Argentina), Michel GUINO (France), TABAL (Morocco), Bernard de SOUZY (France), Mauro STACCIOLI (Italy), SEEN (USA), Ayako TAKAHISHI (Japan), Michal WARREN (Ireland), Peter KLASEN (Germany), Dinh Quang NGUYEN (Vietnam), Peter STAMPFLI (Switzerland), Dani KARAVAN (Israel), Saïd OURZAZ (Morocco), Guy de ROUGEMONT (France), SATORU SATO (Japan), Rodrigo SOLORZANO (Mexico).

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