Guadeloupe in full bloom: 10 highlights

Known for its culture and dreamy coral reefs, powerful presence of nature and its position at « the best destination of the world in 2017” by National Geographic, Guadeloupe islands is on the top 10 of the best beautiful Caribbean islands and 11 on the “52 places to go” by New York times.

Between crystal clear beaches, a rich and vibrant rainforest and unique French-Creole cuisine, Guadeloupe offers a striking alternative to its better-known Caribbean neighbors.


Since 2015 (nearly inaccessible for the U.S), Non-stop flights to  Guadeloupe (department of France) begin at just $59 (one way) with Norwegian airlines. Named the best low-cost airline (fifth year in a row), Norwegian Air is without discussion my favorite airlines for so many reasons. I already book with them 05 times. 

From Europe, since july you can go to Guadeloupe for 99 € 😮 (one way) with Level (vueling) from Paris (Orly airport) . I have still my grand-parents living there and it was always broking my heart to don’t go visit them as much as I wish (I only go there 5 times and I count this time also). For going to Guadeloupe, you have also: Air France, Air caraibes, Corsair and XL (CGD airport) that deserve Guadeloupe but all only from Paris (Orly airport) started prices 400/500 € (2 ways).

If you want to know more about how it goes for me with my first flight with Level, Paris orly – Guadeloupe read my article about it.


You maybe never heard about it but it time that you started to listen the music of love « ZOUK ». I will recommend you to listen “zouk retro”. Also, for the traditional part we have Gowka! The UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage art form blends African call and response singing, Guadeloupe-Creole lyrics & dancing.


BEST FOOD EVVVVEEERRRRRR ! French kitchen mix with Caribbean kitchen wouaahhh (I think you can feel I am a foodie lover) … When I have 15 years old I stay there for 02 months and took 10 kg so I can tell lol. Guadeloupe is recognized for its cuisine. A medley of French, Caraibes, African and Asian influences, the French Caribbean menu included to sample:  spicy, Afro-French, Afro-Caribbean & Afro-Indian. Fresh seafood is a mainstay on most menus, as are local Creole specialties such as:

  • boudin créole (Pork blood sausage)
  • accras (cod fritters)
  • lambi (conch)
  • Colombo (Chicken with curry)
  • Dombré (Little bolls With Pork or Shrimps)

but also, the famous bokits: street stall baguette sandwiches stuffed with fried fish, meat, or vegetables.

 Don’t forget to take a planteur or a Coconut ti-punch (don’t forget to ask if this is handmade in some restaurants they take it from the botlle).

#INFO: And eating French Caribbean gastronomies is even more funny hihi ! My favorite is “Le métis café” in Saint-François but I also very like “Les 4 mondes” At 05m driving from the hot water of Thomas.

Le métis café :

Les 4 mondes :


It’s easy to find your perfect beach on Guadeloupe. You have more than the choice! My favorite beach in Guadeloupe is “la perle” and in Marie-Galante “moustique”.


Guadeloupe features calm waters ideal for aquatic enthusiasts. The 3 spot where I had been for snorkeling is “La crique de Beaugendre”, secret beach of Bosco and the beach of “Pain de sucre” in les Saintes.

#INFO: More info to access to this 02 first spot that are secret place on


I heard so many story about how much beautiful is les Saintes and i wasn’t deception about it when we go there. An island without car or you can do everything by foot. By miss of times we did les Saintes in 1 day and stay only in Terre de Haut. We have the time to go to the Fort Napoleon that is a museum about the colonization and then we go to the beach “Pain de sucre” for snorkeling: D! By the way it was my favorite snorkeling time ever, I saw so many fish from different size, colors and type ‘I even see my first fish snake lol) it was amazing.

Les Saintes in 1 day? NO WAY!!! Les Saintes deserves to stay at least 2/3 days min. I am already so happy to come back in Guadeloupe next year and to discover more again.

INFO: Lying 10km off Guadeloupe is Terre-de-Haut, the largest of the eight small islands that make up Les Saintes. Since the island was too hilly and dry for sugar plantations, slavery never took hold here. Consequently, the older islanders still trace their roots to the early seafaring Norman and Breton colonists, and many (even I will say 98% of the population lol) of the locals have light skin; blue eyes and blond or red hair.

#PRATICALINFO: You need to go there by boat and you have 2 possibilities. You can go there from Pointe-à -Pitre and it will take 01h30 or to go there by Trois-rivières and you will be there in 30m. Everything depend on your location in the main island, Guadeloupe. I will recommend you to book online ticket with the company ValFerry and to be there 15m before the departure! It will allow you to don’t do like us and miss the boat lol especially if this is the one from pointe-à-pitre due to having only one departure by day. When you book online take “Pass découverte” that will allow you to have for 52 € your 02 ways tickets for Marie-Galante and les Saintes. You can choose the date and time you want during your booking.


there are many places where you can bathe in the warm waters. They said that these waters have therapeutic properties. We go for the sunrise to “la source de Thomas” that it’s from what I know the only one that it directly on the sea.

We go also to “les bains de Dolé” and we were very lucky due to the fact we were the only one inside.

#INFO: La Grande Soufrière, a huge (and active) volcano on Basse-Terre gives birth to the many hot springs scattered throughout Guadeloupe National Park. 


I have been in two cascades: « la cascade des écrevisse” that is very beautiful by her rock is located in the national park and la cascade du trou du diable, unowned, with a difficult access, that its, for me kind of dangerous but that it worst it. I feel myself like Lara croft lol. To go there, please don’t do like me because halt the way I finish naked foot lol, take a back bag and good shoes for hiking. Count 30/40m to go there.


My childhood Marie-Galante I miss you, where are you? I am very surprise about the degradation of Marie-Galante, especially Capesterre. If you want to come here I will recommend you to stay in Saint-Louis that is preserve from the sargasses and look less like a ghost city but you really want to be away of any population this is #THEBEST good plan!

#WHEREIAMFROM: My family and ancestor are from their (Dad side), my last name by the way “MONFRET” is full French from a little man that decided to go live in Marie-Galante due to the less of work in French-metropole he marry a rich daughter from an Irish family that run away at this time to escape the extermination of all catholic; they have one of the biggest plantation in Marie-Galante {…} 4 generations ago, one of their children engaged with a Caribbean woman, then started mixed baby on my family XD.

You can find the book “quotidienne à Marie-Galante » (life in MG) available on

#INFO: Also, called “the big pancake’’ or “the islands with 101 moulins”, Marie-Galante is a flat pristine island, circular in shape with rolling hills and extraordinary countryside. Almost entirely dedicated to the cultivation of sugar cane, it is one of the best-kept secrets of Guadeloupe and a gate to escaping the crowds. Don’t forget to visit the distilleries in order to bring some rum back from your trip. I will advise you to choose Bielle for the quality of rum & the site, Père Labat for the quality of rum and Bellevue only for the beautiful site. 


I already noted my top 10 to do list to go for my next time in Guadeloupe next year:

  1. La Désirade in 03 days
  2. Les saintes in 03 days
  3. Le mémorial ACT
  4. Vestige awawak + cascade Kalinago
  5. The cascade Birloton
  6. Le bain des amoureux
  7. La crique de la perle
  8. Les chutes de Carbet
  9. Plage de Rocroy
  10. Fort delgrès

If you go to Guadeloupe and that you have time to do the activities of my post-it or to do the places where I was don’t hesitate to give me a feedback.

I hope that my article will help you during your travel in Guadeloupe.

Practical info for going at less cost

Flight frequency

LEVEL has 04 weekly flights to Guadeloupe from Paris-Orly.

NORWEGIAN has 03 weekly flights to Guadeloupe from Miami FFL.

Arrival airport


At 05 km from the town.


Only online.

Car rental

Europcar, at the airport.

Booking on the website to have little prices.

Yes ! Marcie Monfret is my real name :-). Born and raised in France, French Caribbean woman by birth, I create, produces and publishes captivating travel & fashion beauty content. My mission is to share practical & helpful information to travel, fashion & beauty lovers from a fresh and original perspective. I love adventure & new cultural experiences. As photographer, videomaker and storyteller, I use all my expertises to show you a part of my immersions on different countries.

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